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I will be teaching a Play Piercing class at 2 PM Saturday Nov 25 in Atlanta, Ga at Spring4th Center. I will go over safety, start with needles then go on to scalpels. All are welcome. For a full day of classes the cost is $20.

Friday Nov 24th & Saturday Nov 25th

Eros Society's Spanksgiving 2006 Event

Two days of Pervy fun is almost upon us!!!! This month the Eros
Society is planning a two-day event for our annual Spanksgiving
weekend, Nov 24 & 25.

Two nights of events and a day of kinky classes!

Visit http://ErosSociety.org for further info

Two days of Pervy fun is almost upon us!!!! This month for Eros Society we are planning something new. For our annual Spanksgiving party we are running a two-day event Nov 24 & 25.

Friday Night
We will have an open event for anyone that would like to come check us out. It is $12 in goth/fetish attire.

We have volunteers to teach classes during the day for anyone pre-reg'ed for both nights. It will be $20 if you would like to take the classes and only like to come for the Saturday night play event. Classes are currently scheduled to run from 2pm - 10pm. So far this includes Blood Play with Snow and Marisa, Advanced Spanking with Dave (StrictOTK), Flogging 101 & 102 with Drac, Shibari with Ozgolith and Fetish Photography with Elvis.

Saturday night will be one our monthly play parties but this time it will be open for non-members so this time feel free to invite others out for the event. Cost of admission for the party alone is $15 in dress (goth/fetish/outragous/formal/drag/uniform/etc.) and runs from 10pm - 6am.

We have plenty of performances planned by several groups such as Agoraphobia, Eros Society, HeXxt, Secretroom, Whippersnappers and DJs from HeXxt for the entire weekend.

If you would like to pre-reg for the entire weekend, we are offering an online rate of $30. This includes Friday nights event, Saturday's classes, and Saturday nights event.

For more information abbout the Eros Society please visit our site, http://ErosSociety.org />
More to come!
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