kasey (woofle) wrote in pierced_lovelys,

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nose problems

ok hopefully someone can help me here....this is my story:
i got my nose pierced in aug. kinda on a whim...but i'm in love with it! it got infected after 2 months and i figured it was because it wasn't 14k gold (i'm allergic to anything else) aso i went out and got a 14k gold one (fucking expensive!) and it healed. now it's infected again. so i've ruled out the gold factor....i'm thinking it's just because of my cold/allergies i have (snot infecting it? yea gross but i guess it could happen) i really don't want to go back to cleaning it daily again (pain in my ass) and i realy don't want to take it out...and suggestions on what to do or why this is happening?
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