missmarmalade (missmarmalade) wrote in pierced_lovelys,

I'm Nita & I'm new!

I've had my lip & both eyebrows pierced in the
past, but this is my first foray into nose/nasal
piercing. I was told by several people that the
septum is one of the most painful facial piercings,
but it wasn't bad at all, just a bit of eye
watering & discomfort. I can barely feel it now
& it's healing very well. It's nowhere NEAR as
difficult to care for [or as painful to get]
as the lip piercing I had 7 years ago.

I do, however, plan on getting a smaller circular
barbell, as I think this one may be a bit too big
for my tastes but if I had gotten it smaller when
pierced it would have limited me from putting in
anything larger in the future.

So, hello to all you pierced_lovelys! :)
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