Emotional Vampire (pandoralydia) wrote in pierced_lovelys,
Emotional Vampire

New nipple piercings

I got my nipples pierced last night and the place I went to failed to give me information on cleaning, healing time and general after-care.

I was hoping I could get that information here. How do/did you take care of your nipple piercing?

Also, I was wondering, can you indoor tan with nipple piercings? Should you cover them up like you would a tattoo? Or should you just skip the tanning altogether?

Lastly, has anyone heard of silicone nipple shields that sort of suction cup over your nipples so the jewelry can't be seen through a shirt (I mean if you weren't wearing a padded bra)?

Sorry for all of the questions, I'm just very new to this :o)

Thanks in advance!!
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