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12:14pm 15/12/2006
  My blood play class was excellent. 000100010001 and i had so much fun teaching it! I have pics from the class but i have not looked at them yet! This is what we did this for one of the shows last month. The show was really fun, i turned 000100010001 into a evil faery. This is just a pic of the wings.
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Also posted to play_piercing
12:52pm 13/11/2006
  I will be teaching a Play Piercing class at 2 PM Saturday Nov 25 in Atlanta, Ga at Spring4th Center. I will go over safety, start with needles then go on to scalpels. All are welcome. For a full day of classes the cost is $20.

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07:11pm 18/02/2006
I'm Nita & I'm new!

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01:29am 30/12/2005
  i want to get my ears pierced in multipul places, but my friend says its possible i could go blind or that theres a nerve in my ear that could make me go blind if i get it done, especially if i'm getting it done at the mall.

most of my other friends are calling it horse shit, but opinions?
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10:49pm 06/11/2005
  i got my daith pierced about two night ago, and wanted to show it off. i'm absolutely in love with it! i took this about an hour or two after it was done, so it still looks all pretty. of course, two days later, it's a bit bruised and painful to move when cleaning, but well worth that awful crunch sound.

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Poking holes and taking pictures... 
06:10am 06/06/2005
  It has been a very long time since I have taken the time to share pictures of the things I have been up to, and lately I find that I have been up to quite a bit. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to pick out some pictures to share, there will be a quite a few. Amoung what I have to share play piercing corset that laces across my cleavage, play piercing corset done twice at different times on the same back, and about a handful piercings I have done at the studio lately.

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After viewing all that, if you are interested and in the Toronto area or planning to be, I am still very much in need of volunteers to pierce (the piercing is free, you only pay for jewellery and aftercare). For more details about being pierced by me please go to this post.

Thank you for taking the time to take a peek at all that I have been up to...

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hi guys 
10:48am 29/05/2005
  So I don't see posts in this community often.. So I decided to post a picture of me with my tongue pierced. haha (: maybe just to have more posts. whateverr.

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The Monroe 
07:55pm 13/03/2005
  Hey I was thinking of getting the monroe piercing on the right side of my face, i also have a nose ring on the right of my nose. I was wondering if anybody already has this piercing combination as i was worried it might look a little piercing heavy. Im pretty sure it wont but if anyone has any pics or nething I would be really grateful!

Thank you so much x :)
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any recommendations? 
02:25pm 28/03/2005
mood: bouncy
hi there!
i've not always lived in manchester, so could anyone recommend a good tattooist in manchester? there's quite a few places i'm aware of but don't know who/where's best!
i've got itchy feet and want more!hehe!
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11:04am 28/03/2005
mood: cranky
 this is the only picture i have of me on my computer with my lip done up....lookin alll crazy like. enjoy
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Quick Question 
03:13pm 11/04/2005

I'm thinking of getting my nipples pierced, and have a pretty good concept of what to look for, what will need to be done to keep it healthy/safe etc..

The thing that scares me is this.. I'm a HUGE breast feeding advocate, and plan on having another child at some point in a few years (after my first is a little older and I'm out of grad school), but I'm nervous that if I get pierced, breast feeding won't be an option..

I've read all the FAQs out there, what I'm curious is, does anyone here have ACTUAL experiences with breastfeeding w/ a nipple ring (recognizing that you need o take the ring out when you're actively nursing), and can state what if any problems happen?
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01:42am 08/03/2005
  so here's the deal. my best friend is in town and she wants to get her ears pierced.
her parents aren't here. and she is under eighteen. (seventeen)
i live in massachusetts, but new hampshire is right near me. are there any parlors in either of those states that any of you know of that would pierce a person's ears, if nothing else, if they are under 18 and without a parent?
sorry if this question is inappropriate/lame/asked 3098230923 times in here.
but thanks ahead of time for any help you can give me.

x-posted a bunch of places.
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*The Mod Speaks* 
04:44pm 13/02/2005
  This is a message for the user airdrie who left a post to be moderated about a month ago.

If you're reading this, this is just to let you know that your post or your journal or livejournal or something, ha, is broken and I can't get your post to show up, I have been trying since you posted it. Possibly you set it as friends only or something?

Anyhoo, let me know if you want to try again.
10:41am 13/02/2005
  Hi, I'm new here..
really I came because I have a question to ask, and I can't find what i need on the internet..
I have my tongue pierced- it's been pierced since the end of october (so, a little over 3 months-).
And just recently it's been hurting the roof of my mouth, and the bottom of my mouth (kinda the beginning of my tongue..? like the underside)..
I just want to know if this is normal? When I first got it done it hurt the bottom of my mouth- but it went away after a while.. But I think it's weird that it hurts now..
Has this happened to anyone else?
Is there anything I can do to help it? (other than taking it out..)

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08:19pm 11/02/2005

Does anyone have a picture of a labret piercing or a surface piercing (particularly on the bridge) with no bar/stud whatever in it OR pictures of the hole once it's healed up?

I want to get a bridge piercing but want to know what it would look like if I was to take it out- I don't want big scars on my face! Can anyone help?

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07:25am 29/01/2005
  OK, there was a bit of a screw up and about 3entries didn't get approved staright away so they've just been approved now and are up but they'll be a few days back in your friends page so if you want to give the girls any advice then just go straight to the community journal.
New nipple piercings 
06:25am 26/01/2005
  I got my nipples pierced last night and the place I went to failed to give me information on cleaning, healing time and general after-care.

I was hoping I could get that information here. How do/did you take care of your nipple piercing?

Also, I was wondering, can you indoor tan with nipple piercings? Should you cover them up like you would a tattoo? Or should you just skip the tanning altogether?

Lastly, has anyone heard of silicone nipple shields that sort of suction cup over your nipples so the jewelry can't be seen through a shirt (I mean if you weren't wearing a padded bra)?

Sorry for all of the questions, I'm just very new to this :o)

Thanks in advance!!
nose problems 
08:43pm 24/01/2005
mood: aggravated
ok hopefully someone can help me here....this is my story:
i got my nose pierced in aug. kinda on a whim...but i'm in love with it! it got infected after 2 months and i figured it was because it wasn't 14k gold (i'm allergic to anything else) aso i went out and got a 14k gold one (fucking expensive!) and it healed. now it's infected again. so i've ruled out the gold factor....i'm thinking it's just because of my cold/allergies i have (snot infecting it? yea gross but i guess it could happen) i really don't want to go back to cleaning it daily again (pain in my ass) and i realy don't want to take it out...and suggestions on what to do or why this is happening?
06:07pm 11/01/2005
  Is this lip ring a circular barbell? If not, what is it? And is it possible to get it pierced with this - or do you have to wait until it heals?

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Nose Rings? 
09:06pm 09/01/2005
  Hello, I just have a question about nose piercings, and I'm sure you'll have an answer for me. I want to get my nose pierced, but I want to pierce it with a small stud. The thing is, one of my friends told me that you can only put in a hoop where you first pierce it and until it's comletely healed. Is this true?  
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